Wands, Rods, Staffs and Hand Crystals
These are the four new weapon types which can be used by arcane, divine or Psionic characters. The wand, rod or staff may be used by an arcane character as a simple weapon, divine casters may use rods or staffs as simple weapons, and psionic characters may use hand crystals as simple weapons. Each of the new weapons have been created as a niche item for their respective character types as an offensive alternative to using their spells. Wands are light weapons, Rods are one handed weapons, Staffs are two handed weapons, and hand crystals can be used singly as a light weapon or together as a two handed weapon.
Rods may be used as clubs in melee and staffs can be used as Quarterstaffs.

Name Cost Dmg Crit Rng Wgt
Wand 400gp 1d4 x2 30ft 2lbs
Crystal 420gp 1d4 x2 20ft 1lb
2h Crystal 1d8 x2 60ft
Rod 470gp 1d6 x2 50ft 3lbs
Staff 560gp 1d8 x2 80ft 6lbs

These weapons are always masterworked.
When a wand, staff or rod is crafted, the crafter chooses either fire, cold, electricity or acid damage for the weapon to deal. When a Hand crystal is created it may also be created to deal kinetic (normal physical) or Sonic damage, though if Sonic is chosen it will deal damage as if 1 size category smaller. Note that the damage of these weapons is magic and not affected by the size of the weapon, so smaller or larger versions do not alter the damage, just the weight.

To use a Wand, Rod or Staff, the divine or arcane character must dedicate a 0 level spell slot to power the device. Because spontaneous casters lack spell slots for 0 level spells, they must instead dedicate one of their 1st level spells for the day. When a caster dedicates a 1st level or higher spell slot to powering their weapon, it deals +1 damage per spell level to the damage of its attack (eg. a wand with a dedicated o level spell would do 1d4 damage, but a wand with a dedicated 5th level spell would deal 1d4+5). Hand crystals serve a similar function for psionic characters, they must dedicate 1 power point to power their weapons, which will grant +1 damage, more dedicated power points will allow for additional damage (3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, see power cost per power level for exacts). a Psionic character MUST be able to cast the level of power to gain the damage bonus. This bonus is considered an enhancement bonus.

These new weapons may be enchanted just as standard weapons are, but enhancement bonuses to damage from the weapon and spell never stack. Other properties, such as flaming, shocking, etc. may be added without adding an enhancement bonus to the weapon first as they are already considered magical weapons.

Any questions about the function or availability of these new weapons, See GM.


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