Country: Elmeria

Government: Democratic. Elected president, elected senete by county and appointed judicial branch.

Technology: Medium, Elmerian technology is consitered to be basic by modern standards, though they have access to the most modern consumer goods through trade.

Magic: Arcane – Medium, Divine – High, Elmeria has a strong devotion to their goddess and have retained much of their devine magic through the sacred flame devotees over the years. Though their rating is high, there are few who practice outside the confines of the monisaries or the sacred temple.

Standard of Living: Medium. Unemployment is typicaly around five percent for citizans, and much higher for foreign workers. Estimates of standards; Wealthy ~1%, Middle-class ~55%, Poverty-line ~30%, Below poverty-line ~10%. Almost all illigal immigrants live well below the poverty line but are not included in these numbers, nor are those who are dedicated to faith or form.

Religion: Goddess worship, Pyrotess. The people of Elmeria worship, as they always have, Pyrotess, goddess of fire, summer and often fertility. The two branches of devotion are Faith and Form; Faith refers to those who pray, worship and practice the teaching of the sacred flame. Form refers to those who devote their lives to the practice of Lin Var, a martial art developed in antiquity by followers of Pyrotess in which the practitioner is beleived to become host to the sacred flame. Faith and Form have always, and still do, work together to keep the traditions of their devotion alive.


Population: 3.7 million citizans, close to 1 million legal or illigal immigrants.

Capital: Padova (Pop: 800,000)

Largest City: Casoria, with a population of 1.1 million, plus a suspected Immigrant population of nearly 400,000.

Districts: 23. 20 of the countries districts are on the main island, two on the sacred island and 1 being the south island.

Land features:

Northern Desert, Sacred volcano, Southern volcano, central mountains, natural forests.

Climate: Year round warmth and bizzare weather. Spring temp’s are typicaly between 70 and 80 with cool southern winds and warm rain. Summers see a raise in temps typicaly 90 to 110 with cool south-eastern winds and a spattering of cool rain (seems like just enough to keep things green). Fall and winters in Elmeria tend to blend together as the temp shifts to a nearly steady 60 with a few days lower, warm winds blow from the east and the bulk of rainfall happens durring these seasons.

Exports: Natural herbs and Teas, Seafood, Golden salt (from the sacred volcano, has strong restorative properties), Music, Culture, Tourism. Elmeria also exports a large amount of food due to their long growing season between late summer and early summer.

Inports: Natural materials including lumber, metals and oil. Consumer goods, including cars and electronics.


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