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Long ago, a disaster occured which covered the world in a deadly mist. The clouds of mist spread to cover the world in just a few years, raising slowly until only the hights of mountain ranges remained livable. Upon these mountain ranges, like islands in a sea, the survivors began to rebuild their civilizations.

For a millenium or more, the people of these civilizations grew and eaked out a living upon the mountains, isolated from eachother. Not until the recent invention of the Airship did these peoples finaly meet and begin to trade, and inevitably, War.

The Seven Nations of ASW:
1) Niswaar – (the Niswiri or the Niss)
2) Traeloc – (the Traelocians) Traeloc is an industrial nation led by a counsel of the most influential guilds in the country. Though the counsel is supposed to run the country, since the invasion and occupation of Zari, the head of the Traelocian military has taken most of the power. Since the invasion 60 years ago, Traeloc has become a military dictatorship.
3) Zari – (the Zar) Invaded by the Traeloc 60 years ago, the Zar now live under the watchful eye of Traelocian military governors.
4) Bright Peak – (the Bree) A millennium ago, survivors, fleeing the raising mist, took shelter in and around the temple of Lau, the Bright one. The Temple of Lau came to be the center of Bree culture, and the country came to be called Bright Peak.
5) Hirosoma – (the Hidashi)
6) ??? – (the Jinn)
7) Vasrin – (the Vass)


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